Strengths Gym

Strengths Gym is an educational course for children designed to enable students and teachers to learn about, recognise, build upon, and use their character strengths more. The course looks at personal well-being from a positive perspective, providing opportunities to consider prudent and considerate behaviour, a healthy lifestyle, and good relationships. It does this through a focus on the behaviour we do want rather than on the behaviour we don’t want. In particular it allows behaviour to be looked at in the light of the strengths we already possess – and would benefit from using more.

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Introduction To Positive Psychology

Introduction to Positive Psychology is a ten week introductory course for students aged 16+. The course introduces students to various positive psychological topics, including pleasure, positive experience, happiness, positive thinking, character strengths, values, and wellness. Each lesson contains exercises to be carried out both in and outside the classroom and philosophical questions for discussion based on material presented.

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