CAPP is an excellent resource of positive psychology events and research occurring in the UK.

Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness is an excellent resource to find measures of happiness, well-being, and character strengths. The site is that of Dr. Martin Seligman the founder of positive psychology and director of the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center. Individuals can register on the site and freely take any of the 17 questionnaires, surveys, and scales. This site is an excellent resource to find out about the developments of positive psychology in the USA.

VIA Institute on Character

This site is the home of the VIA Survey and institute devoted to the study and scientific advancement of our understanding about character strengths. The site provides information and resources on strengths research and development. Individuals are invited to register and take the VIA Survey in order to determine their top strengths of character.

This site is a superb resource for students who are interested in taking or are currently taking A level psychology. The site provides detailed information about required knowledge and content of exams and offers example questions to aid with studying, along with a host of other useful information. If you know of anyone studying A level psychology this site is a must.

Celebrating Strengths

This site is the home of Celebrating Strengths a coaching programme designed by Jenny Fox Eades that helps primary schools, parents and others who work with children to discover more about their strengths.

New Approaches

New Approaches is a Social Enterprise that applies positive psychology and uses strengths to maximise potential in individuals, schools, teams, and communities.

The Strengths Foundation

The Foundation aims to share the strengths approach. It aims to provide a stimulating resource that people, teams and organisations can use: to build on their strengths; to set specific goals; and, to achieve their picture of success.

The Positivity Institute

The Positivity Institute (PI) is a positively deviant organisation dedicated to the research and practice of well-being science for life, school and work. PI’s BHAG (big, hairy, audacious goal) is to create flourishing lives and increase the well-being of the world!

International Positive Psychology Association

IPPA hopes to support the global dialogue of both researchers and practitioners working in the field of positive psychology.

The Positive Psychology People

A one-stop resource for anyone interested in Positive Psychology, providing information for those who are new to Positive Psychology, students, professionals who wish to adopt Positive Psychology practices, those who are Positive Psychology qualified and working in the field, academics, researchers and Positive Psychology experts.

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